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Where are we going as the world’s leader?

Obamacare … unconstitutionally attempting to take over 20% of the economy and the control of all American’s health care;

Introducing such a measure as Cap and Trade (and tax and tax and tax and tax) that will destroy what ever is left of our economy after Obamacare;

Assuming control of the management to private American corporations under the most flimsily excuses;

Allowing ACORN to continue to flourish and prosper after years of open maleficence and mafia-like behavior;

Accusing average American citizens of racism or worse because they simply disagree with your positions;

Threatening to prosecute former CIA employees for doing their job;

Reneging on agreements with East European allies to utilize our missile defense technology in their defense;

Demanding Israel give up control of their statehood;

Kowtowing (again) to a tin-horn Koren dictator just to show we’re a “caring” country with no backbone;

Siding with a deposed Central American government president attempting to defy his own Constitution in order to wrest control from the legally elected government, and blocking aid to that government unless the restore the deposed president;

Appointment of persons to positions of power such as Timothy Geithner (tax cheat), Ezekiel Emanuel, Van Jones (self-admitted communist and “9/11 truther“), Nancy-Ann Min DeParle (current “White House Office of Health Care Reform” czar), Carol Browner (current “energy and environment” czar) and xxxx, not to mention attempts to nominate Tom Dashle (tax cheat), Ron Kirk (tax cheat), Bill Richardson (charges of “impropriety” … dropped subsequently by the new Justice Dept head, Eric Holder);

and on and on and on. The result of the most anti-American administration ever elected! Yes … I said anti-American! What would you call anyone implementing policies and personal changes as listed above?

Just where is our current President taking us? I believe he is unwittingly taking us to the same place where France, England, Germany, Spain, Holland and Portugal now reside … second level statehood. Each of these countries held prominent positions in world power in the past and through mismanagement, lack of foresight, immorality, moral turpitude … God knows what else … turned those countries into spineless, weak-kneed socialist states who are only interested in the keeping their citizens from complaining, maintaining their power, the length their of their annual vacations and their buses running on time.

Liberty and freedom are foreign terms to them … and will be for us,  if we forget what was so elegantly stated in the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. I have been so deeply moved by people recently exercising their constitutional rights and joining demonstrations such as the 9/12 march in Washington DC, along with all the town-hall meetings throughout August. The “silent majority” has finally awoken!

We are great because we believe in freedom. It is time we fought those who would take it away from us and insure our children and grandchildren are able to enjoy it as well!

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