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AGW meets its Waterloo?

It looks like Global Warming er … Climate Change errr … Global Climate Disruption, or whatever euphemism is currently being used by the watermelons to push taking control of all fossil-fueled energy use, is falling apart.

From today’s UK Guardian (yes, that green rag!):

The European parliament on Tuesday rejected a key report that would have toughened the EU stance on greenhouse gas emissions, after political wrangling that wrecked hopes of a compromise.

A rebellion by the UK’s Tory MEPs helped to swing the vote against a tougher target on how much carbon emissions should be cut by 2020, but was not decisive, according to insiders.

Oh let not your heart be troubled, ye true believer:

The vote does not put an end to green campaigners’ hopes of a more ambitious emissions reduction target – a higher cut of 30% by 2020 on 1990 levels rather than 20% – as the issue will continue to be debated, but is a setback.

The political wrangling involved a series of amendments, proposed by Conservative groupings of MEPs, that would have weakened the resulting resolution to an extent that was not acceptable to the Green MEP grouping.

Greens in the parliament will now try to push for the tougher target in future votes, and through the involvement of member states and the European commission.

If the EU can no longer get the support to pass their socialist agenda, the AGW movement is dead! Unfortunately, the green zombies just don’t know it yet. So you’ll see them in the future skipping merrily along, singing “??at the next meeting, ?we’ll finally get it all done and there will ? finally ? be rainbows ?everywhere? again!??”

Andy Atkins, executive director of Friends of the Earth, said: “As well as snubbing David Cameron, Tory MEPs are defying the latest scientific advice and playing fast and loose with our future. Preventing the necessary action on climate change also goes against EU economic interests – scores of Europe‘s leading companies back a 30% cut in emissions because it will create new jobs and business opportunities.

“David Cameron came to power with an intelligent approach to tackling climate change, but he must act fast to prevent his promise to lead the greenest government ever from unravelling. The prime minister must redouble his efforts to show his entire party the enormous benefits of building a cleaner, safer future,” he added.

You guys might want to come up with some new music!

Update 20110706 13:30: I tried to get cute and insert musical notes in my penultimate paragraph where you now see question marks in strange places, but alas, #fail!